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Switch EDF off  will pay you to switch from EDF* to Ecotricity or Good Energy

  • £40  for switching gas and electricity dual-fuel
  • £20  for switching single fuel

Switch from EDF – or any nuclear supplier  – to a green energy provider and get your cash bonus in 3 steps:

STEP 1Choose which of our two renewable energy providers you will switch to.

To compare their energy provision and prices: CLICK HERE

Or for more detailed analysis: CLICK HERE

Good Energy and Ecotricity are both innovators and leaders in green energy. We recommend either. Ecotricity build more energy generation, Good Energy use 100% renewables; Ecotricity put in more to campaign groups, but both are playing a big part in our energy transition. Ecotricity have kindly agreed to give anyone switching to them a 10 bulb LED kit which should save you a further £65 per year.

STEP 2.  Enter your email address. *

Your Email Address: *Please make sure you enter your email address correctly – due to Data Protection issues with Good Energy it’s the only way we have of contacting you to arrange payment,  so you need to do this before moving on to step 3.

STEP 3.  Click through to the switch-page on your chosen providers site below.  Make sure you have a recent bill to hand.








STEP 4.  Once your you have got your new energy bill from Ecotricity or Good Energy email us ( and we will arrange your cash-bonus payment, by either cheque or Paypal.

* As well as EDF, who are 65% nuclear, we will pay you to leave any provider of nuclear energy. For instance, British Gas is 35% nuclear.  Check the fuel mix of your energy provider here.


 Every month you are paying and supporting future energy policy.

Are you supporting nuclear or green energy ?

Every 1000 switches from EDF drops their income by £1 million a year.