Compare EDF and Green Suppliers

imageTypical current Tariffs

(Current October 2016 guide only: details will vary with old or new deals)
Company      Kw/h    Standing charge/day                                                                                                                                   
EDF                     15.20p       18.0p
Good Energy    13.3p          20.70p
Ecotricity         13.34           27.4p

In reality most new deals from energy providers are around the same price, with renewables slightly cheaper per kw but variations on daily standing charges.

The true price we’ll pay for EDF’s nuclear Hinkley C is much higher:

  • At £37 billion to build, Hinkley C would be “the most expensive object on earth”. (Originally, EDF said it would cost £16 billion).
  • Renewable technologies could now deliver safer, cleaner energy – and thousands of local jobs – at half the price.
  • EDF’s EPR reactor model has never been successfully built and the design is already obsolete – but Hinkley C is being subsidised while renewables support is being cut by the government.
  • The price we will all pay for Hinkley C electricity has been fixed at double the current rate for 35 years. (The price of renewables just keeps falling so the nuclear subsidy will go up.)
  • We need non-carbon energy NOW, but Hinkley C will not be built until 2025 or later.
  • EDF will leave our grandchildren with a store of highly toxic radioactive waste which will cost them £ billions to manage and be unsafe for for thousands of years.

Hinkley C will cost us the earth.

Switching from EDF will pay you a bonus.

It pays to go Green!