Jonathon Porrit, Forum for the Future.

“There’s nothing worse than being enraged by something without being able to do anything about it. Huge numbers of people are still enraged by the decision to allow EDF to proceed with the construction of two new reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset – but at least you can do something about it on this occasion! The Switch campaign from the East Mendip Green Party is brilliant: simple, impactful and genuinely rage-relieving!”





Molly Scott Cato – MEP, South West England.

EDF is not only pushing a technically flawed nuclear reactor
at Hinkley, but the company is in meltdown financially. The company’s finance director resigned believing Hinkley was not commercially viable and
French unions oppose the project believing it too risky.
Pending legal cases over whether loan guarantees to EDF constitute illegal state aid make EDF look even more wobbly. The smart money is in renewables and investing in Good Energy or Ecotricity is helping to bring about the energy transition we so desperately need to ensure climate stability.



Jeremy Leggett – CEO Solar Century

All my vocational life I have been told wind and solar are more expensive than nuclear. Now that we manifestly are not, suddenly the goalposts shift. It is increasingly unfathomable why EDF keep flogging the uneconomic, dying nuclear horse, and even more so why the UK government supports and them, at public expense.”






Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party Co-leader

Nuclear power is uneconomic, unsafe and unnecessary.  It sucks resources away from building the green energy

infrastructure we urgently need, and undermines our climate change targets because of the snail’s pace at which it will be built.  With that in mind I’m proud to support this campaign – and urge everyone to switch energy providers away from EDF to a greener alternative.





jb-headshotJonathan Bartley,  Green Party Co-leader

As a country we have reached a fork in the road and we have to made a choice.  We can waste £30bn on a centralised, jobs poor nuclear option which locks us in to an expensive deal for decades to come, and leaves us insecure and vulnerable. Or we can invest in a decentralised, jobs rich clean energy renewables revolution, which provides the security we need and equips us for the Twentieth Century. The decision should be clear. It beggars belief that the Government is stubbornly taking us down entirely the wrong path.



colourful-jjJenny Jones, Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb

Hinkley is one of the most economically damaging decisions made by the political establishment in this country. It will consume investment that should be going into renewables and adding huge amounts to electricity bills. Using consumer power to persuade EDF to pull the plug on the Hinkley dinosaur is a great idea and I hope that people will make the switch to energy suppliers who are trying to do their bit for our planet and the next generations pockets




Jon-Cousins-Mayor-of-GlastonburyJon Cousins, Mayor of Glastonbury.
EDF are building a new nuclear power station just down the road from Glastonbury… needless to say, I fully support switchEDFoff.   Radioactive waste is perhaps the most crucial issue for me, because there’s no safe way to deal with it and will remain dangerous for up to a million years!  Not only that, but when David Eccles of EDF came to Glastonbury Town Hall in March 2014, he assured me that a terrorist could crash a jumbo jet into Hinkley C and it was so well protected it wouldn’t damage the reactor…  When I asked him if EDF had afforded the same level of protection for the spent fuel ‘wet storage’ pools next to the power station – he went silent and red in the face…   I’ll leave you to decide if that was a good response!


Howard Johns (Print)Howard Johns – Author “Energy Revolution – Your Guide to Making it Happen”.

Switching from EDF and depriving them of customers in the UK will have a tangible effect on their business and send them a clear message that you – like most people in the UK – want more renewables and less nuclear. Nuclear has never been a cost effective form of energy generation, and any new nuclear in the UK will saddle consumers with massive costs, when renewables are crossing over as the cheapest form of energy. And lets face it we still don’t have a plan to clean up the waste, so switch today to renewables.




imageTheo Simon – “Stop Hinkley” Campaign, Somerset

Even though our government have backed EDF’s Hinkley C plans all the way, it’s clear to most people that this nuclear project will cost too much, deliver too late, and quite likely not even get successfully completed. A large part of EDF’s French workforce has been saying this too, but the EDF board are clinging onto their Hinkley C pipe-dream – at our expense.

If we can make that decision expensive for EDF instead, by switching our bills to renewable 21st century energy, that may be a message that even their board of directors can’t ignore. The local Stop Hinkley campaign believes that thousands of regional jobs could now be created by going for cheaper, renewable energy in the southwest. We welcome the Switch EDF Off initiative. It shows that even when government refuses to listen, we can still put on some real pressure to change this country’s energy direction, and make EDF abandon Hinkley C.


ShanephotoCllr Shane Collins, leader of the Green Party group on Mendip District Council and initiator of Switch EDF Off

EDF have a E38b debt, since Hinkley was agreed their credit rating has dropped, they own 58 ageing nuclear reactors in France, 20 of which are offline as of November due to safety concerns,  and along with their Hinkley partners, Chinese National Nuclear Corp (CNNC), who used to make nuclear weapons for the Chinese Army, constitute two of the most unsuitable partners to be subsidising at twice the current price of electricity for 35 years. The plain fact is nuclear is more expensive than renewables and we still don’t know what to do with the radioactive waste for the next 150,000 years.  We vote for future energy provision with our money every month, lets make sure it’s cheaper and green.’

Image result for mark rylanceSir Mark Rylance – Actor

We know of few civilisations from more than 10,000 years ago. For the next 150,000 years future civilisations will know us for our nuclear legacy.

And yet the UK government is proposing to subsidise at twice the current price of electricity for 35 years the China General Nuclear Group, currently charged by the US government with industrial espionage, and EDF, currently E36B in debt and rising, to build Hinkley Point.

The price of renewables will only go down and the cost of nuclear will only go up. Currently wind power is cheaper than nuclear, so why are we leaving a nuclear legacy for future generations ?

If you want to make a difference switch your energy supplier from EDF to a green energy supplier. We consumers are the only ones who can change the situation. Corporations and Governments only follow when we lead.”