People Power v Nuclear Power

imageRegardless of public opinion and the best advice of their own experts, EDF and the government want to plough ahead with a publicly-subsidized nuclear power plant at Hinkley C.

Our MPs in Parliament have not made them change course over Nuclear Power.  But as consumers, you and me have People Power.

EDF will lose around a £1 million income for every thousand customers that switch, and the company can ill-afford any more losses. With €38b debts, the state-owned firm needs French government bail-outs to stay afloat.

Two other new nuclear plants they are building in France and Finland, which have the same design as Hinkley C, are now many years behind schedule and many billions over budget.  Their own workforce are currently taking them to court because they fear Hinkley C will bankrupt the company and never be completed.  On top of that, in the last year 3  EDF executives have resigned over the project.

Where common sense has failed, losing customers and money could be the wake-up call EDF need.   They can abandon Hinkley C, and the tide can shift in favour of a renewable revolution for Britain.

With people-power we can beat Hinkley C, and start creating the energy future we want, right now.