Nuclear Hinkley C – not safe, not affordable, not necessary.



EDF and the U.K. Government plan to push ahead with building the Hinkley C nuclear power plant in Somerset, even though it is against the public interest.

We’re making it easy for EDF customers in the UK to switch to a greener energy supplier – and we’ll pay you £20 – £40 to make the switch here!

Yes, we’ll pay you £20 – £40 to make the switch here!

We want to put consumer pressure on EDF to abandon their Hinkley C plans, and we want the government to encourage a renewable energy future in Britain instead – solar, wind, wave, tidal, hydro and biogas, coupled with national energy-saving measures.

EDF are in trouble, they own an ageing fleet of 65 nuclear reactors in France and the UK, they have a huge €38b debt, a recently decreased credit rating, and no approved design for their sister-project in Flamanville, which is now 3 times over budget and 6 years late.

EDF also have a 14% UK domestic share.  If we can switch 1000 EDF customers that will cut their income by around £1m per year and should affect their shaky cash flow. This may tip the balance on the EDF board which is narrowly split over proceeding with Hinkley C.

Switch from EDF – or any nuclear supplier – to a green energy provider, and get your cash reward NOW!