Launch of the Switch EDF Off campaign

This is a new campaign to encourage people to switch their electricity and gas supply away from EDF and to use a green energy supplier instead.

Why are we picking on EDF? EDF intends to invest in the new nuclear power station proposed for Hinkley in Somerset, widely perceived as the most misguided, most expensive, and worst value energy project in history, which will tie UK to dangerous, out of date nuclear energy, when we should be developing our clean, green renewable energy industry instead.

We make it really easy for you to switch your energy supplier – and what’s even better – you get a cash payment for doing so!

One thought on “Launch of the Switch EDF Off campaign

  1. EDF’s finances are shaky, huge E35b debts. For every 1000 people leaving EDF at a low average spend of £1000 means they lose £1,000,000 per year.
    Lets cut EDF down to size and get them out of Hinkley.

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